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If you want to start a side business, in the beginning you will need to fill many jobs. Side Business Launch is all about starting or growing a business through modern strategies, including social media and content marketing, such as blogging.

Our membership community gives you unlimited access to all of our Side Business Launch courses, including all of our future courses. Pay monthly and get lifetime access, meaning you never have to pay for one of our courses again. These courses have over 2,350 students from around the world.

What else do you get?

  • Private community with other like minded business individuals
  • Custom tutorials and training masterclasses that you request. This ensures you don't ever get stuck
  • Cancel anytime you want, no hard feelings

Types Of Content In The Group And Courses/Resources

You see, the nice thing about having various members in this community, is that we can cover a wide range of topics by fostering this business group.

I personally have started and operated the following types of businesses:

  • Service Based Local Business
  • Web Design
  • Social Media Management
  • Etsy Shops
  • Amazon Sales
  • Self Publishing
  • Blogging/Affiliate Marketing

Just to list a few.. call me a Side Hustling Crash Test Dummy... I try many businesses, so I have a lot of experience in anything from; ideas, marketing, website building, email marketing, and more! But, what I don't know... our community knows!

Slack allows segmenting of all these topics to prevent overload and for all the members to share information!

Bottom Line

You Don't Need To Get Stuck In Starting A Side Hustle Or Business.

You are into building an online business... you belong here!


Learn At Your Own Pace

Watch the courses and trainings anytime, and participate in the private community when needed.


πŸ”₯ You have just realized you want and need to either start or grow a business or blog, but you feel overwhelmed by all the skills and tech you need to learn in order to succeed.

πŸ˜“ You've spent countless hours searching for ebooks and YouTube tutorials, but you are frustrated with knowing what services to prioritize and trying to piece everything together.

πŸ‘‘ You want to connect with others and bounce ideas and learn what's working, while also sharing your journey and helping others

Join Business Insiders And Be Part Of A Community That Gives You What You Need To Succeed.

Your Instructor

Flavio N. Medeiros
Flavio N. Medeiros

I am a family man that in recent years has learned the importance of two very important things in life; having a side hustle/business, and creating online businesses.

My courses and resources have been created to spread my passion on having a side hustle and online business, so that YOU can do the same! I have successfully built multiple businesses; a Wedding Mobile DJ company, Web Design (Social Media Management) Company, and an eCommerce business on multiple marketplaces. I also sell apparel online through Amazon, Etsy, and other POD websites. One of the best opportunities for an online business, is POD.

I have learned and executed many tactics in; Business, Marketing, Sales, Wordpress, SEO, and Blogging. I want to share all this knowledge with you!

I am married and have 3 boys, we are passionate about sports in the family, beach trips, and any other types of trips to get away! I am a busy parent just like you, so there are no excuses, let's go!


Some Reviews From Students

"I like the way the course is paced and organized. I especially liked the assignment and the possibility of writing / receiving feedback".


"I honestly loved this. Very simply stated, even I could understand. I took the course on Sunday, but on Thursday, I had my first journal up and running on Amazon."


"This course just gets better and better! I already have most of the suggested software, but this is the icing on the cake. It's like finally having that lightbulb moment!"

- Tim

"He is one of the greatest teachers. love it


"Fantastic course! I learnt so much - canΒ΄t believe that he is sharing all these amazing insights, tricks and tools that make your publishing life so much easier. The value of this course is much more as you are paying. Thanks for all the great inspiration and also all the implementation tools and marketing strategies. With this course you really get all in one."

- Jennifer

How Will Business Insiders Group help me start a business?

  • Video Training – Because for some, visual learning is the next best thing to hands on.
  • Sales & Service Templates – When you don’t know what to say or how to say it... These templates have got you covered!
  • Private Community – You could do this alone, but you don't have to
  • Downloadable PDF's and guides
  • Custom Tutorials - Yes, that's right, if you are stuck on something, just reach out and a video tutorial or guide will become available to help you get "unstuck"

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Courses Included with Purchase

What Should My Side Hustle Be?
Find Out Very Common Ways To Make Some Extra Money And Start A Side Business
1 Course Bundle
Email Marketing With MailerLite
Getting Started In Email Marketing Using MailerLite
Flavio N. Medeiros
Make Money Selling Coffee Mugs On Etsy And Other Marketplaces
Create An Online Print On Demand Empire, Even Without Design Skills Or Inventory On Etsy And Other Platforms
Flavio N. Medeiros
4 Week Blogging/Content Challenge
Kickstart your business, blog, podcast, or youtube channel, with consistent content
Flavio N. Medeiros
Quickstart Guide To Earn Extra Money By Starting a Viable Side Business or Blog
Flavio Medeiros
Managing Your Side Hustle Business Financially
Getting Started With Business Formation, Taxes, Saving, and More
Flavio N. Medeiros
Set Up A Blog On Wordpress
Everything You Need To Start A Blog/Website With Your Own Domain And No Technical Expertise
Flavio N. Medeiros
Start A Service Based Business & Earn Money In 30 Days
Flavio N. Medeiros
Messenger Bot Training Tutorial (Many Chat)
Learn How And Why To Use Messenger Bots In Your Business Using Many Chat
Flavio N. Medeiros
Canva For Business Masterclass
Everything You Need To Design For Your Business Using Canva
Flavio N. Medeiros
How To Start A Podcast
Learn How To Start And Run Your Very Own Podcast
Flavio N. Medeiros
Ultimate Facebook From Scratch Blueprint
Start A New Facebook Page, Gain Followers, Or Optimize An Existing Page
Flavio N. Medeiros
Create an Affiliate / Dropshipping Online Store With Shopify
No Product Inventory Needed, Sell On Shopify, And Other Marketplaces
Flavio N. Medeiros
Start Freelancing For Facebook Marketing
Start A Viable Side Business Managing Facebook Accounts Or Learn How To Increase Your Own Facebook Page
Flavio N. Medeiros
Custom Interiors And Resources For Business Insiders Community
Exclusive Content For KDP
Flavio N. Medeiros
663 Niches
Get Plenty Of Ideas For Merch, KDP, POD, and Dropshipping
Flavio N. Medeiros
Journal Unboxed
Let's Reveal Everything About Listing A Book On Amazon,; Descriptions, Titles, Subtitles, Keywords, And More
Flavio N. Medeiros
Merch by Amazon Live Workshop
Talking Tips With Two Power Sellers on 20k and 40k Tiers
Flavio N. Medeiros
Website Flipping Webinar With Dave Cadoff And Flavio
Learn All About Buying And Selling Websites As A Side Hustle
Flavio N. Medeiros
Grow A Facebook Page From ZERO to 30k+ Followers (All secrets revealed)
Learn some best practices growing a facebook page from zero
Flavio N. Medeiros
Let's Talk KDP Low Content Book Publishing
We talk about titles, covers, subtitles, descriptions that stand out, and keywords
Flavio N. Medeiros
Puzzle Mania
Live Workshop Discussing Getting Started With Puzzles On Low Content Publishing
Flavio N. Medeiros
How To Write Medium Content Books For Your KDP Business
Writing A Small Amount Of Content For A Big Return
Jeffrey Mason
Getting Started With Amazon Ads For Books & Etsy Ads
Advertise Your Products and Get More Sales
Flavio N. Medeiros
Etsy Live Masterclass
Find Out About SEO, Ads, Conversions, Anatomy of A Listing, Selling Printables, and More
Flavio N. Medeiros
Create Your Own Print On Demand Brand
Build A POD Empire With Automation & A Free Online Shop
Flavio N. Medeiros
Igniting Your Business Through Facebook Groups
Flavio N. Medeiros

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